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You can now buy my merchandise with your PayPal account or any major credit card. Click on the "Add to Cart" button and follow along. God bless the internet. If you don't have a PayPal account or you don't want a cyber trail you can snail mail me. The joke book and gameshow shirts are $10.00 and the poker t-shirts are 15.00. Please include $2.95 for shipping and handling and allow up to 4 weeks for delivery. Send check, money order, cash or barter items to:

Tony Boswell
PO Box 1716
Fort Mill, SC 29716-1716

Remember to specify which items you would like.

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You know you want one. Poker is hot and so is this shirt. "Poker Phrases That Sound Dirty But Aren't". The front reads, "are you all in?" and the back lists 13 phrases including "I had the nuts", "He came over the top of me" and "I got beat by a queen on 4th Street". Black only.

*Available in Large, Extra Large and oh-my-god-put-down-the-pizza-Double-Extra-Large





This is the actual T-shirt from my game show, How the Heck Should I Know. This is one of the prizes that contestants on my game show win and that I offer for sale after shows. It comes in extra-one-size-fits-all-large* and the shirt reads, "How the Heck Should I Know" The Game Show, High quality poly-cotton blend. (Additional charge for small child.)

*One size fits all not guaranteed to fit all. Your results may vary.
See your dealer for details. Void where prohibited.


Jokes from the Road

A curious thing happens after a show. People, and by people I mean drunken men, come up to you and try to tell you jokes. This despite the fact that comedians usually don't tell jokes. For some reason many people don't quite get this and feel that after paying to watch you do your craft they are somehow entitled to try their hand at it. Most people, by the way, are not good at telling jokes. It is a skill and not everyone can do it. Couple that with the fact that this person has been drinking for a while and what you end up with is a joke that is butchered and a lot of unnecessary information.

They forget there was supposed to be a dog in it, they have to call their friend over to remind them of the punch line and when they finally finish they say, "You can use that!" Use it for what I'm not sure. So to get even, I have compiled the best jokes I've heard and put them into a book. I've removed all the garbage and made them funny. There are clean, mild and dirty jokes as well as some ethnic and golf jokes and a section of jokes which usually only comedians enjoy. A perfect gift for the person who says they can never remember a joke and for the person who won't stop telling them.

A Sample Joke

A young couple on their honeymoon decides that they are going to have a signal to let each other know when they want to have sex and when they don't want to have sex. The husband tells his new bride, "If you want to have sex, just pull on my thing three times." She likes this idea but asks, "What if I don't want to have sex?"
"Well, then," he says, "Just pull on my thing 357 times."


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